Golf Swing Book

“Now save $25 on the eBook guaranteed
to help add distance to your drives,
lower your handicap and have you playing
the best golf of your life in just two short weeks.”
Dear Fellow Golfer,

It’s our Full Swing® Fundamentals eBook that I’m talking about. The #1 rated golf instruction eBook on the Internet.

This is the eBook designed to help any golfer break 80 — regardless of his or her ability.

The same eBook that has helped golfers in 36 countries hit further than ever before…cut 7 to 12 strokes off their handicaps …and take their games to a whole other level.

The only difference is that each one of those golfers paid 72 U.S. dollars or more for it. And now, for a limited time, you can get it for just $47.00.

Full Swing EbookOf course, it still comes with our no-risk, unconditional, 60 day money-back guarantee.

Our Full Swing eBook has been tested by thousands of golfers around the world. The results?

A success rate of 95%

That’s right. Better than nine out of ten golfers who’ve tried the eBook say it improved their game. And not over months or years either.

They started hitting the ball further and more consistently in two weeks or less.

Now, we don’t have to tell you why distance and consistency are key if you want to go beyond being just another average golfer and start playing the kind of golf you can feel good about.

You already know that without a good swing, you’re throwing away strokes by topping, slicing or hooking the ball. And racking up penalty strokes with every round.

The plain truth is if you don’t have a good swing, your drives will be short, inaccurate and…frankly… pitiful.

That said, We didn’t make this eBook to help you develop a “good” swing.

We made it to teach you a great one.

The swing we teach you will have your shots flying longer and straighter than you ever imagined possible… give unbelievable consistency to your drives…and become so easy and natural you’ll drop into it time after time without even thinking about it.

To get this top-rated eBook at a very special, limited-time-only price, just…

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