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“Here’s How To End Your Frustration, MaximizeYour Golf Potential, And Be The Top Dog In Your Foursome…”

“…Your Golf Swing Will Have Effortless Power….Producing Amazingly Long And Straight Drives That Blow By Your Golfing Buddies By 30 Yards On Every Hole”

Dear Golfer,

Can you imagine the look of pure horror on the faces of your golf buddies asyou unleash the sweetest drivesand crank out one killer swing after another?…

If you’ve taken lessons, bought the latest greatest equipment and your garage is filled with those crazy gimmick training aids…

If you’ve tried the golf pros and the newest clubs and you still can’t get those drives in the fairway, or that darn ball near the hole, this is the most important piece of information you’ll ever read.

Golf Fitness Training Expert Mike PedersenMike Pedersen
Golf Fitness Trainer

My name is Mike Pedersen and over the past 9 years, through a long and painstakingprocess of trial, error and research, I’ve developed a sure-fire, 100% guaranteed program for adding yards to all your clubs and strokes off your scores based on the little-known golf secrets oftouring pro’s and elite players.

I guarantee it and I’ve got the results to prove it!


Can This Work For You?

When Elwyn Roddick from the UK first bought my golf fitness book even I was skeptical about whether this program would work for a 71 year old with serious shoulder problems. But I was amazed when he wrote to me and told me his shoulder problem had cleared up and he’d won a Major Championship!

“Your golf fitness program has worked wonderfully for my golf. My shoulder problem, which was horrendous, has now virtually cleared, all thanks to you and your golf exercises. I have now managed to win one of our major club competitions and considering the opposition, it was no mean feat!! I would recommend your program to any one of any age as at 71 years, I find it has been a wonderful revelation, and feel 10 years younger. Once, again many thanks.”

Elwyn Roddick, United Kingdom

This Just Came In!!

I got the below message via email just yesterday and was totally pumped to hear Mark’s results and his enthusiasm for getting and staying in shape to play better golf. This makes it all worth while knowing fitness is the hardest sell on planet.

“…beyond recognition!”


Mark Styles Golf Success Storey“Hi Mike, Thought I�d e-mail you following some recent events!

I have been performing many of your exercises since I bought yourPower Golf Training Program Ebook just under a year ago.

From �stretches� to �fitness ball� to �tubing� to �medicine ball� I have managed to perform at least one golf exercise, if not a routine, most days since buying it. Even through a bad 3 to 4 months suffering the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis! (All under control now!)

A friend of mine paid myself and, unbeknown to him, yourself theultimate compliment last week.

We hadn�t played golf together for over a year although we keep in touch regularly. I played my first ever round of golf with this guy about 15 years ago!

Throughout the round, and in the clubhouse, he told me that he couldn�t believe how well I was hitting the ball in terms of consistency and distance. He added that he has never seen me play like that and that it was the best he has ever seen me play since I took up the game.

Prior to that I also picked up second spot in my Golf Society�s first event of the year last month.

Over the weekend I have had a chance to take stock and to review how far I have come since this time last year. My game is beyond recognition.

Okay…so I have practiced my technique down at the range but not a great deal. No good having technique if you can�t physically perform it.

I can literally feel my improved flexibility in everyday life let alone on the course. My swing has now developed from a rigid 1/2 to 3/4 swing to a more fluid 3/4 plus swing.

There�s still a lot of room for improvement, but I�ll keep on working at it.

I now actually feel like a golfer instead of someone who just turns up to make up the numbers!

Thanks for your help!

It wouldn�t have happened without buying your Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide!

All the best, Mark.”

Mark Styles, Wickford, Essex, UK.


Have You Taken Lessons
Only To Be More Frustrated?

I hear this one all the time…

Golfers spending hundreds of dollars on lessons, only to be more confused than ever… and not being able to hit the ball at all! With this scenario, what’sleft?

Do you take more lessons? Do you hit more balls? I’ll bet you’ve already done that. Did it help? Be honest. I’m a straight shooter… and fessing up is the first step to ending the frustration and getting on the right track quickly.

What the pros won’t tell you is it’s your BODY that’s keeping you from an astonishingly high level of performance.

“Thank you for your eletters. They are a real help. Just to share something with you…. I have been doing the golf exercise program in your ebook, and I can vouch for the extra distance that I am getting.( I have been playing golf from March 2005 and I used to hit my driver about 200 yards with difficulty. I can now hit about 250 yards consistentlywith the driver and my distance with the other clubs has increased as well).Just thought that I would share this with you. Cheers!” 

Chris Gregory, New Zealand

You have certain physical capabilities. If your pro tells you to make a 90 degree shoulder turn and you can’t… what does he tell you next?

I can tell you it’s to make some kind of “compensation” in your swing to make that shoulder turn. The result is less power, moremiss-hits and an even MORE complicated swing… that you can’t repeat.
The solution.

All you needed to do was a simple stretch or strength movement to solve that particular problem.
It’s that easy!

That’s the way your golf improvement approach should be. Simple. Easy. With quick results.
No more “band aid” swing adjustments that don’t last. Just simple tips and techniques you can applyimmediately and see results!

“Greetings from Corpus Christi!

Let me tell you…The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is the real deal! I have been in competitive sports since I was able to walk and have been through all sorts of training camps, but the immediate fruits of this e-book supercedes the hundreds of dollars one might spend for the sessions, which sometimes don’t reveal the product until weeks or months down the road.

I am addicted to golf because it is so challenging. My only fear is that the more I dedicate myself to this program, the easier the game will get. But I guess that is a good thing, huh? Once the frustration of the challenge is gone, what comes next…pure fun! I am excited and thankful for what you have developed for the amateur golfer.”

God Bless,
Father Joseph Lopez, JCL
Corpus Christi, TX

P. S. I shot 8 strokes lower than my average that day.

The Secret To Lower Scores and Longer Drives
Is All About Getting Your Body To
Move Just A Little Better

In fact… I’m so confident about the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide… that I would go as far as saying even one of my simple golf stretches or golf exercises could increase your drives by up to 20 yards… almost overnight!

The beauty of getting your body fit for golf… is you don’t have to swing harder to hit it farther. In fact, you’ll swing MUCH easier… and watch those tee shots blast down the middle of the fairway.

Improve Your Game Quickly And Easily

Now, for the first time ever, the same tips and techniques that have helped thousands of golfers all over the world dramatically improve their game is available to you in a single, information packed,

Introducing “Mike Pedersen’s Power Golf Training Program: “How Infuse Power And Distance Quickly And Easily… Guaranteed!

The “Power Golf Training Program” is your golf performance success guide in downloadable e-book format, jam-packed cover to cover with all the golf improvement tips, techniques and methods previously known by only a small handful of the worlds best golfers. This book contains all the information you’ll ever need to instantly play your best golf!

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