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 ATTENTION: Golf Beginners…

Want to Learn Golf? Here’s How to Get Started with Golf Quickly and Easily,
in just 5 Days or Less.

Don’t let you Friends / Boss / Clients laugh at you on the Golf Course!

Read on and do yourself some Good:

Learn the best and fastest Way to get started in Golf, including all necessary Theory and Practice… Golf Beginner Guide
Learn all the important Rules of Golf so no one can take advantage of you, and you look knowledgeable on the golf course…
Learn how to avoid the most common Mistakesalmost every Golf Beginner makes… and impress your Golf Partners right from the Start…

What if you could learn the basics of golf in just 5 days or less, and continue from there to become a well rounded golfer that your friends / boss / clients love to play with for less than one lesson from a recognized golf teacher… what would you say?


Tuesday, November 01, 2011
From: Frank J. Peter

Dear Fellow Golfer,

The information in this downloadable step-by-step ‘Golf Beginner Guide’ is an absolute “must have” for a golf beginner, and it will also benefit any intermediate golfers. For the benefit of your goal this information is presented in a way that’s easy to understand, easy to use, and even easier to put into action right away. 

Just follow the process laid out in this ebook and immediately you’ll be well on your way of becoming the golfer that everybody loves to play with!

Do You want to learn Golf
quickly and efficiently?

Together with my staff and several qualified golf teaching professionalswe have put together the most comprehensive Golfing Guide available for Beginner Golfers. This learning guide will help Beginner Golfers play their best Golf – with no fluff or hype but all the needed facts and knowledge – for less than a lesson from a reputable golf teacher, and in just 5 days or less.

Our instructors have compiled everything you need to improve your game and learn the right way from the beginning. 272 pages of great information have been assembled to teach you golf from the ground up. Click this link to take a look at the Table of contents and see for yourself.

Golf Beginner Guide

“Golf is such a complicated Game, I’m worried about all the stuff I need to know” 

You’ve probably seen this, there are a million products out there promising to make you a better golfer. Reality is, you can buy all the special clubs and fancy balls you can afford (or even ones that you can’t) and still never actually improve as a golfer. The focus of the ‘Golf Beginner Guide’ is making you a better golfer by teaching you about all the important aspects of the game from the ground up.

In fact, almost every Beginner Golfer I meet tells me that they yearn for a golfing resource that covers ALL aspects of golf, not just specialized areas such as ‘How to improve your golf swing’.

Recent Unsolicited Testimonial

—–Original Message—–
From: Terence O’Connor [mailto:TerenceOConnor@eeeeeeeeeeee]
Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2011 8:47 PM
Subject: Golf Beginner Guide

Dear Frank:

I am 66 and in pretty good shape. Now that I have a little time and opportunity I started up playing golf casually since last year. It was frustrating, mainly because I wasn’t getting proper consistent ball strikes, but the golf bug had bitten me…

Then I saw your ad for the Golf Beginner Book, and I figured it may be worth a try. To be honest, I didn’t expect this much information in a single book for that price. The amount of info is almost overwhelming, but absolutely essential for a beginner like me. Besides picking up golf in the first place buying your book was the second best decision I made regarding golf.

Many, many thanks for making all this great info available and for helping a beginner golfer, Terence



Here Are Some Snippets Of What We Will Teach You In Detail: 


Golf Beginner Guide - Wedges

    • We teach you the quickest way in how to get started in Golf, i.e. like how to grip the golf club, how to stand correctly and so on?

  • We teach you the things to absolutely avoid on the Golf Course, so you don’t make a fool out of yourself.

  • We teach you how the different Golf Clubs work (as example of one of our many illustrations take a look at that of a Wedge on the right – an additional detailed explanation is in the book).

  • We teach you which Golf Clubs and Golf Balls are the most suitable for you.

  • We teach you in-depth, fully illustrated golf lessons on proper golf swing, pitching, chipping, putting etc.

  • We teach you how to choose a good instructor (in case you want to work on some specific problem areas of your game).

  • We teach you how to buy golf equipment for a lot less money, so you have more cash left to play golf.

    • …and many more lesson about Golf…


This book covers everything you need to know. Over 272 pages it will guide you from A-Z on the rules, facts, strategies and techniques on golf. 

The Golf Beginner Guide

The most comprehensive Golfing Resource created exclusively for Beginner Golfers!

Golf Beginner Guide

>> Instant Access – Start learning proper Golf within Minutes from now! <<

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