Golf Muscles

Is there such a thing as golf muscles? You bet there is! Every sport uses specific muscles, and golf is no different. If you are looking to improve your golf swing power, you must focus on increasing the strength and flexibility of your golf muscles. In fact, this is one of the quickest ways to not only improve your driving distance, but eliminate pain and injury from your golf game.

Did you know that over 80% of all golfers play with some form of back pain? The golf swing is brutal on your body if you’re in poor physical condition. Strengthening and stretching your muscles can actually¬†cure low back pain in golf. Just imagine swining a 3 foot long implement (golf club) at over 100 mph. Do you think there might be some stress and trauma on the body? You better believe it!

The muscles you should focus on for power are the rear shoulder muscles, especially of the lead shoulder; your core muscles; and lower back ones. These are the key areas that will add power and eliminate pain. Playing pain-free golf is only a dream for many golfers, but if you do the right golf-specific training exercises, you can and will play pain-free golf.

Another muscle group to focus on is the hamstrings. They are responsible for helping you stay in your golf posture, and keeping straing off your lower back. Tight and weak hamstrings are a combination for long-term back pain and inconsistent golf.

Golf is physical. Prepare your body, and you can expect great results. Ignore your body and you will play in pain for years to come.

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