The Hybrid Chip

The hybrid chip is a shot that should be played when you’re far enough off the green that you need to hit a shot with a little extra “oomph.” If you’re pretty close to the green, I suggest a standard chip shot with either a 7- or 8-iron.

Notice how, in these photos, I’m not only about 15 feet off the green, but also below the hole? This is the perfect scenario in which to use a hybrid club, as I need to bump the shot up the hill and over quite a bit of sticky kikuyu grass.

To hit this shot, I alter my setup so I stand closer to the ball. (Notice the difference between a normal hybrid shot and the “putting stance” in the photos at far right.) Notice also how I choke down on the club? This creates a steeper swing that’s easier to control, much like a putter. I narrow my stance and play the ball slightly back toward my right foot so I make a descending blow into it. This will help pop it up onto the green.

Caution: Using a hybrid to chip can yield some pretty “hot” shots. Practice this frequently so you know exactly how hard the ball moves.

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