Two Great Golf Fitness Tips!

I just heard Nick Faldo talking about how the PGA Players are really working hard on their fitness for the 2011 season. Music to my ears. Golf fitness tips will work for any golfer if they are sound. What I mean by sound is they are specific to the mechanics and demands of the golf swing.

So many times I see so-called golf fitness trainers working with their golfers on machines. Machines are not golf-specific. They are mostly seated and isolating only one muscle group at a time, which is far from the golf swing, which incorporates all the muscles in a dynamic and sequential way.

So the first golf fitness tip I want to give you is do 90% of your exercises “on your feet”, and if possible in your golf posture. This will do nothing but strengthen your golf swing muscles, improving both your balance, stability resulting in better power and consistency.

Secondly, focus on rotational exercises for your core using dumbbells, tubing, medicine balls. The golf swing is a rotational movement back and through and most golfers are deficient in both strength AND flexibility in their core area.

These 2 golf fitness tips alone will greatly enhance your in-home golf fitness training.

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